Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Perfect Male..................

Waiting with eager anticipation.

We meet..................

A hesitatation....................... but careful not to let the other sense that fear.

Eyes locked. Studying every feature, every scent as we come in closer.

Eye to eye. Nose to nose

My heart singing for Joy.

This is really happening.

It's him.

It's meant to be. The perfect male of my dreams with a tail wagging as wide as his smile.

I am in search of a dog, the 4 legged kind. I've been searching for quite some time. I am pretty picky. I was very picky when I got my cat from the shelter and she's the best cat in the world. Sometimes patience really benefits you, but mine is truly being tested.

I want a German Shepherd. I grew up with them and they hold a special place in my heart. However my apartment complex does not alllow certain breeds on their insurance because of bite risk. Of course a German Shepherd is one of them. It pisses me off, because many people here have them and other illegal breeds but I'm not turning anybody in so those innocent dogs lose their home. In reality it's irresponsible owners that lead to bites and other misbehaviors most if not all of the time. Honestly ANY dog or animal for that matter will bite given a reason.

So although I desperately want to move for many reasons, I am not definitively moving soon enough and my patience and loneliness is wearing thin. Wanting a dog for so long and the dating scene has left me extremely lonely but I simply don't jump into relationships with anyone just because I'm lonely. The effort involved in dating is not worth any of the outcomes so far. So I am focusing my energy on the perfect canine.

My dog will be................................

probably male


not a lab, unless it's a mix

or a poodle, just to name a few

get along with other dogs because I will eventually get a German Shepherd

energetic and capable of keeping up with me hiking and running but able to chill

the kind of dog I can take camping all alone and feel safe for us both

loving and affectionate




love car rides

and MUST get along with my kitty.

and of course swim or at least tolerate a trial swim lesson. Doggy paddle!!

I miss baking dog biscuits and all the unconditional love of a good dog. I can't wait to meet him and love him. I just hope he doesn't have a weenie pansy name. It would bother me to call "Muffin" out loud and then have to confuse him by changing it.

Tolerating the vacuum wouldn't be so bad either.


  1. Our dog found us. She was living temporarily on a boat owned by someone where my boyfriend was staying when we first met. The owner decided she didn't want her anymore, so they were talking about taking her to the pound. My boyfriend and I had fallen in love with her at first sight, so we insisted on taking her and they were more than happy to let us!

  2. That's a wonderful story. I'm surprised you didn't blog it.

    I actually found a wondeful dog at the pound just this past wednesday and brought him home on Friday. The only problem is that he's not house trained for 11 months old. I wasn't looking forward to house training but I can do it. He's already doing better.