Thursday, January 7, 2010



I've looked long and hard. I went to yet another shelter. There in the very last kennel in the back was Benny with his roomie Amber. Benny had this playful look with his ears perched up and the tips dangling over and he gave me that little feeling of excitement inside my gut when I saw him. Benny and Amber had grown up together for their first few months of life and for an unknown reason were taken to a rescue with 16 other dogs in one house. That didn't work out and Benny has the scar on his nose to prove it.

Amber was all about attention, knocking Benny away. It's no wonder not one person asked about him for those 5 weeks he was there, but I have the amazing ability to recognize a diamond in the rough. He was very shy and it was his first time meeting anyone other than the staff. He looked back at Amber the whole time they led him down the hall to sit with me and the whole time he was there. They told me they take a minimum of 5 applications before approving a home. So I was shocked when they called me the next day.

I was totally unprepared, nervous and excited all in one. I had to lift him into the backseat, but he goes right in now. He puked on that ride about 5 times. I forgot to mention not to feed him before the ride. Lol. Poor guy was so nervous himself. I made a few stops, the first of which was my sister. Over the next couple of days I dragged him everywhere. He needs socialization with other dogs and people, but mostly people. My dad says he reacts like he was mistreated. I didn't really see it because he quiclky warmed up to me, but he's not really warmed to my dad yet. He follows me everywhere all the time. No one believes it's only been a month because he is so attached to me. It's just love and appreciation.

House training was apparently not his best skill, but that was quickly resolved. In fact he toilets on command :) Very helpful in the cold winter snowy months. He's quite the mutt too. No one can all agree but the concensus is collie, greyhound, german shepherd, pit bull, and rodesian ridgeback. The Vet seems to think his age is accurate ,12 months old, but I'm not so sure. His ears stand all the way up sometimes which if there's any german shepherd means that he's under a year. I think he's grown more and his paws are HUGE. He's a puppy still for sure.

I decided to let him sleep in bed. I made the mistake of showing him the couch but after a day I changed my mind on that and was able to stop it from being a habit. He plays at the dog park like a little kid. He loves to run, which is an extra plus for me. I could always use a running partner. He walks directly at my side instead of pulling on the leash. He's very submissive with other dogs, but he growls at anyone outside my door. I'm pretty sure he's got my back although the other day he was on my back when he was feeling out another dog. My hero ;) Here mommy you save me form the big bad doggie.

He gets along like old friends with my kitty Nala. They practically make out. She likes his face and then when she's done she goes off and Benny follows for more but she just hisses at him at for a minute and he goes off to chew his bone or hide my shoe.

Loving him more and more every day.


  1. Isn't it a great feeling raising a dog, getting closer and closer to each other every day? My puppy just turned 6 (years), but this made me think back of when he was a little puppy for real.:)

  2. You wouldn't believe what happened after I posted this blog. He was extremely sick and I had to carry him to the vet. I'm gonna blog the whole thing.