Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a new season for Project Runway

So, here we are. Season 7 of Project Runway. I started getting into it 3 seasons ago. My close friend Colleen and her daughters watch it when it airs every thursday. We go to her daughters place. The group has slowly grown and I now know even more and more people who watch. My sisiter Lisa, my sister in lawKim and my niece Ali. Colleen runs a pool. This season I took the opportunity to look at the contestants and pick one before all the good ones were taken. I still didn't watch every interview but i got my pick.

Amy Sarabi. She appeared to be different at a quick glance and caught my eye. A brief watch of her interview and the judges were oohing and ahhing over her line and what she actually designed and wore to her interview.

Check out her interview and bio here and you can see some of her cools designs that got her a spot.

So last night was the first episode of the season and Amy did ok. Nothing too "wow" or "seriosuly, what were you thinking?". It's a beautfil chiffon harlegquin print balloon skirt with a chiffon white top. the top had a wierd seashell or flower over one boob that didn't work at all. Had it not been for that she might have been a runner up or honroable mention in judging. We'll have to see what she brings next week. I'll keep ya updated. Ooh and I almost forgot the best part, the show is returnign to New York for this season!!!

Check out the outfit she did for this week here.


  1. I have never watched Project Runway, but I did DVR it last night. I am going to watch it tomorrow when the Bitlet is gone . . . (thanks for your sweet comment, by the way)!

  2. Oh! I have it recorded on my DVR. I didn't watch the first season after the transition to Lifetime, but I missed the show terribly and had to watch this season. I'm looking forward to seeing the new challenges :o)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! I really appreciated all the comment-love and now I'm here to spread some around!