Monday, January 18, 2010

A little bit about me

Well as far as about me .....
I love nature and the outdoors and especially water. Seriously. I am a mermaid. Been swimming since I could walk and swimming well since I could run. Love boats. Love baths. I am the female version of the movie Big Fish. You'll have to try really hard to get me out of the ocean. And if you're a lifeguard that's encountered me then god bless ya. I certainly appreciate the job of a lifegaurd so I explain to them first. Have actually had two near drowning expierences in my life and survived mainly because of my swimming abilities. I will be going out very far. If you're ok with that fine if not just whistle and I'll come in closer. My friends think its an attention seeking thing. Its just me wishing I could dive below the surface and never come up. If I have the chance of being in the water with someone else who loves it, then I'm gone. Never coming in til someone comes to fish me out. They usually don't make too much stink because its more than obvious that I belong in the water. I own a water fountain. Love it. I'm extremely auditory and the sounds of water are some of my favs. The rushing sound of waves hitting the shore. The soft trickle of my fountain as the water lands gently on it. The flowing current of a brook or stream. Oh and don't get me started on the different sounds of rain.

Then there's lightening and thunder. As stated above I am very auditory. Love any sound of nature and music the most. All music. Love to read out loud. Just need an audience. Love to be read to. I think in fact its a lost art. Reading aloud can be wonderful. Its a great activity to share. I haven't got around to my video blogging yet but will. Love to sing.

I collect tea cups. Anything beautiful that catches my eye but most of all hand painted oriental. And better than that even, the kind with a lithophane bottom. I'm an avid orchid grower. Their beauty is rare.

Apparently my decor style is missionary as per my Buddy Lori. I would describe my taste as eclectic to say the least. Bizarre even at times and other times simple and naturalistic. Encorporating pieces of nature with modern art ....

I do love to create. Anything. It goes beyond writing. I will write whatever comes to mind. Sometimes my mind won't settle till I get it out. Which is what got me started with blogging. I am still finding my style, but just enjoying it while it is still raw and slowly refining it more and more. I am artistic with paint. Not so much with pencil, but with training as with writing my drawing has always improved. I like inspiration but I honestly love to inspire others. I am a muse. I am also a good supporter.

I have almost crippling ADHD. It's pretty sad. It's alot of work for me to read a book. Never really took to video games. They're fun don't get me wrong but I can't stand wasting my time away in front of a computer or tv or game, especially when there's fun to be had.

Love movies. All kinds really. I often go through stretches of cravings for a certain type.

Love food every kind. Cooking, eating...... I organized a food group on I was a picky eater as a child and now I'll eat anything even try food I don't like.

Who do I resemble in apperance or personality? I often get Juliana Margules or Amy Irving. My grandmother thought I looked like Brooke Shields when I was a little girl. Believe it or not she wasn't senile ;) I think I am closest to Drew Barrymore in personality. Laid back and fun but extremely serious at times. Oh ya and I used to get the daughter from Roseanne too or Carol from Growing Pains.

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