Friday, January 1, 2010

Polar Bear

I rang in the New Year with something I making a new tradition for myself.

Jumping in the ocean on New Year's day. The Atlanitic Ocean in New Jersy in January is 40*. It was exhilarating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like to think of it as a baptism into the new year and washing away the last year.

It was the middle of the night. One of my favorite places is the beach and night. The air was cool but not terribly cold. I stripped off all my clothes ran to the water and went right in. Now of course I wasn't going in deep but I did go under.
Of course for bizarre drama reasons I wound up there at 3 am instead of during the day with a big group of other Polar Bears. No one I was with would go in, not that I was surprised, but they were when I got back with a wet head.

People who know me well, know that I am not all talk. Honestly, when I achieve something I really want, it just feels so damn good and I don't ever want to be on my death bed at a young age and think "I never did this.... or that.... always wished I had....". My risks are definitely calculated and escpecially because of my affection toward irresponsibility but not overcalculated where the fun is lost. Basically I take a point of view in Life that when an unusual situation or hell any opportunity arises, I take it. Happy Nude Rears!!!


  1. Wow...I'm cold just thinking about it! Here I sit in my office, which is around 60 degrees due to the heat being off all weekend, and I have my space heater going and am still not happy with how cold it is! I'm a wimp...I could never handle a challenge like that.

  2. I think it sounds fun . . . would totally do it . . . besides, I am assuming that, at that temperature, jellyfish are not a concern? I have jellyfish issues.

  3. I've always been very cold tolerant but not nearly as much as when I was younger. I get the jellyfish issues. Typically warmer water is where the jellyfish, sharks... are.