Friday, April 23, 2010

Diary of a Travel Nurse 4-21-10

So hear I sit with my brocolli rabe and garlic white pizza from one of my fav Pa joints, "From the Boot", (Yes I have to mention the garlic because believe it or not many places don't do much if ANY garlic on a white, shameful) and blogging on my phone. Tomorrow I am finally moving my furniture and giving up my PA apartment.

I must admit this running back and forth on my days off 200 miles is pretty annoying. Even for a road trip lover like myself. Before I know it my Connecticut assignment will be done and I'll be moving again.

Seriously, I was filling in my schedule, yes we self schedule just like I did at my old job (gotta love that), and realized that schedule ends 2 weeks before I leave there. Yikes!!

So I am planning ahead with what I want to do there but my schedule is getting too full already. You see I'm contracted for 48 hours a week. That's 4, 12 hour shifts. 3, 12's is tough enough but 4 is Wow! I can do it though, no problem and make damn good money and still enjoy the area some. I'm gonna do a trip to Boston and NYC but honestly if I don't get to NYC I'll live cause I've been and I'll be again. Pa isn't all that far from there and everyone goes at times.

Funny thing is I'm making more plans for going away than for stay-cations in Connecticut. I'm planning camping and a cruise. Then after this contract is up I will be going to either or both Germany and a part of the Meditteranean. One of my nieces is delivering a baby girl in May in Germany so I wanna go there. Then another niece is studying a semester at Sea in the Meditteranean. The Meditteranean is my dream location. I've always wanted to hit several spots there. It will be difficult to pick which one but I am going to at least one if not both.


  1. Travel, travel, travel. And here I am thinking I'd just love to go SOMEWHERE, but your schedule exhausts me!

  2. I think I'm making up for lost time.

  3. Your life sounds filled by your dreams. The ONLY way to live!

  4. Yes Yaya, I absolutely agree. It's not living if it's not your dreams. It's really just existing.