Sunday, June 6, 2010


Ok so I haven't been here much. Its true. Its many reasons. Today I am feeling anxious. Its wierd. I am off for the next couple of days and have too much going on in my head to filter out what I need to do. Most important of all though I need to enjoy this time off.


I have been spending as much of my free time meeting new people and getting to know everyone. One person in particular. We met on his birthday. I can't begin to describe the chemistry that exists there. We hit it off right away and we are both looking for something serious. I have decided to stay for a second contract here to continue to get to know him better and see where this goes.

I know, I know it sounds crazy but some people seem to get it. I kinda set out on this adventure knowing that I wanted something serious. Thinking "He" could be out there and traveling would bring me to find him.

So as far as traveling. I still haven't gone anywhere due to my crazy schedule. My new contract will be 36 hours a week instead of 48. It will make travel much easier. There is no chance of me going to the Meditteranean, or Europe at all for that matter. Its far too expensive for me right now. I can't easily part with money. Its a fear I picked up after my ex destroyed our finances. I will, however, be going to Rhode Island, Boston, camping and the beach. The beaches here aren't really anything special but it is still the beach and that's where I plan to spend a lot of my Summer.

So I will be blogging but pretty randomly. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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