Sunday, September 12, 2010


Don't ever forget!

That's the mantra for 9-11. We all know it. We all say it

I don't know anyone directly but I know many many people who lost close loved ones family members and friends.

The proposed mosque is an insult and an affront to the memory of everyone who lost their lives.

We the people live by the constitution. We have no choice but to abide by freedom of religion but we also have freedom of speech. Islam is a religion. It has its foundations and beliefs just as any other religion and it also has it's many different interpretations just as many religions do too. Our country may be viewed as cowardly by other countries because we will allow this to happen. We can however use our freedom of speech to speak up. We must talk about this and make our voices heard but there is no reason to insult others angrily in the name of those who died.

All this angry and rage and insult and negativity is so unhealthy. It is ONLY fueling the fire. The inferno that already exists among these extremist groups of Islam who aren't the only members of that religion. If we support all this hatred then we are no better than any bigot who "pre"judges anyone different, assuming that all Islamic people are haters and terrorists.

What ever happened to the love and the unity of post 9-11 that gave us the real strength to fight what the terrorists represent?

This opinion piece from Nikki Stern on CBS Sunday says it best. This is the link to the transcripted version and the actual video of her opinion piece.;videoMetaInfo


  1. Every time I see something on TV from that time and people are wearing the flag pins and flag T-shirts and such I wonder, "What happened to that patriotism? Why did we only have it THEN?" I knew at the time the feeling would be short-lived. Time heals...

  2. I remember as a little girl the 4th of July and Memorial Day meant so much more. People took a great deal of pride in our country and alot of respect towards all servicemen. I've had this discussion with some people before but they claim they are quietly protesting. I have to say I really think the protesters are the minority and the majority of the disrespectful just don't care. They take thier freedom for granted, completely unaware of how much servicemen are sacrificing.

    Look at Made in the USA. People were all gung ho for a few years but it was never long enough and now outsourcing jobs is practically the only way big businesses operate anymore.