Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have decided to continue on my travel nursing path. It was a tough decision, being as my boyfriend doesn't want to go with me. I never thought I'd meet someone special so soon on my travels but I simply can't stay at my first travel, especially being that its Connecticut.

So I am starting in Pittsburgh in a neuro icu in 2 weeks. I am taking a week for conferences back home and seeing friends and family. Then the last week before I start I am gonna take a vacation. Hopefully going to my sisters place in Myrtle beach.

I really haven't gotten on the ball. The only states I am licensed in are Pa and Ct. So I can't work anywhere fun yet. I am working on my California, Texas, and NY license.

See, there is a wonderful little thing that I don't have....... Primary residence in a "compact" state. There are about 20 someodd states that have total reciprocation among nursing licenses called "compact" licenses. One of those would make this really easy.

Stay tuned.

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