Sunday, October 31, 2010

4 Year old killer? I think not.

In case you didn't here, I'll recap. A 4 year old is being sues for negligence in the death of an elderely woman who broke her hip when the 4 year old and a friend were racing bicycles with traing wheels. The elderly woman died a few weeks later.

I've heard this story several times in the past few days. Although it is tragic, I was shocked a little not alot because it seems nowadays anyone sues everyone but I also learned something bizarre. The judge stated that this child was close enough to their 5th birthdy which was on the books as "old enough to be sued." ??? Really at age 5 it's acceptable in the judicial system to be sued? How do you even think to do that?

They even mentioned that sueing the mother is not an option because, a parent's presence alone does not give a 4 year old carte blanc to act recklessly. Last time I checked, that's exactly how 4 year olds act. They run around without paying attention to who's around them and they destroy things. How is a 4 year old or even a 5 year old able to understand the repercussions of their actions? It's a long learning phase in their development. Somewhere after age 7 a child learns reasoning and logic but that could take up to age 12 with some kids.

I may not be a lawyer but it doesn't make sense. The judicial system should have dismissed it and if anything then go after the parent but honestly it doesn't sound entirely reckless. It seems that every time someones says "well, their close enough to the age" someone will later use that to lower the age and then again and again. Isn't that how we got here?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dr. Oz, impotence, high blood pressure and strokes! Oh my!!

Dr. Oz had a piece on the Penis the other day. Yes, the penis!

Apparently it takes a celebrity Doctor to get people's attention about their bodies. He's been grabbing people's interest from the beginning. He's a good teacher. He talks to people like they are friends and patients. Not just a number waiting in line. His friendly approach and humor sets a tone of trust and people are more willing to listen, understand and believe him. More doctors and practitioners could take a lesson.

Anyway, he's talking about the importance of self testicular exams. Only 15% of men do them! He also meantioned the importance of self brest exam for women but we're talking about men. He continued on about the changes throughout life that occurs to a man. The importance of your all around health and being aware of any changes.

I still find it amazing that it has to be a celebrity for a person to listen.

I've seen many many patients who come in to the icu after a stroke because they stopped taking their medications. Then they ask why or how or what happened? Sometimes it's their second stroke, which occurred for the same reason!

Why am I mentioning this? Impotence, which can be a symptom of high blood pressure, is the most common side effect of high blood pressure medicines. The second most common reason people stop taking the pills is price or lack of insurance. They don't see the reality of it. They think the prescriptions and their health don't impact their family until they have a stroke and then the family has to survive without their income and find a way to get them the medical care they need to rehabilitate. Often times never getting back home from the hospital or nursing home. Then there are people who just don't get it! I knew a guy who would take the time to apply vitamin e to his penis but could care less about maintaining his blood sugar as a diabetic!

Cholesterol, blood sugar, smoking, heart disease, high blood pressure, Diabetes and many other conditions will adversely affect your health and yes impact the penis and it's function.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11/1/10 I love Meetup!

So the other day I explored the meetups in my area and joined a few groups. Wednesday was lunch with the ladies and later that day was hiking. It was fantastic! I love meeting new people. I met such a variety of people and had such a wonderful time. I met a women from Australia, who told me about the nursing opportunities there. I may seriously consider that one! Then on the hike I met a nurse anesthetist who just finished travel nursing and her last assignment was in Connecticut as well. I've also been to a live music lovers group where I heard an artist I've never heard before, Carrie Rodriguez. She's a bit similar to the style of Norah Jones. Bought some cd's and had another great night out. Then hiking again the next day.

If you don't know what meetup is, it's basically a large network or national listing of groups. If there's a group out there that exists or if it doesn't exist yet, but you'd be willing to head it up, meetup will help you do that.

Basically search your zipcode for common interests. It's great for alot of situations but I honestly think almost anyone could find a way to apply it to their life's needs.

Whether you want to promote your business, or socialize and make friends after moving to a new area, or meet people to date without actually doing the online dating scene.

My only tip is not to bring your agenda to the wrong place. Know what the group is or ask, or get a feel for it before you launch your agenda on them unwarranted.

For almost a year, I ran a meetup group that I started. It was fun but frustrating in many ways just getting it started.... but the thing that bothered me more than the work was the innappropriate agendas that others would bring with them.

My group was a foodies group. Hence an interest of some sort in food was necessary. Some people showed just to drum up customers for their business, or some were out to get a date. I have nothing against people wanting to make money or date. Just go find the ones that are for singles or networking..... unless you actually care about food. Some of the people never showed again after they got turned down for their business or a date.

I knew it would be perfect for me as I travel the country. I've found plenty of foodies, women's groups, hiking, live music and card games clubs.

So in a nutshell that's meetup! Check it out.

10/28/10 A Care Package!

My honey sent me a care package!

Consisting of pajamas to replace my missing pair, Ed Hardy winter skull caps, sugar free chocolates for guiltless pleasure, a carrying case for his (now my) gps and a sweet little letter. My baby rocks!

Marie Claire issues apology for insensitive provocative blogger

The magazine Marie Claire issued an apology on tuesday for posting a blog by a free lance columnist of theirs, Maura Kelly.

In her original blog she was discussing a CBS sitcom, called "Mike and Molly". She compared watching obese people to watching an alcoholic or a junky. The article was title "Should Fatties Get A Room?". Marie Claire approved the article before it was released but blame the blogger's provocative style.

Apparently the entire thing started with a CNN article about the show and other shows handling weight issues in tv and movies.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26/10 "The Newbie is learning some lessons"

Travel nursing is gonna be good for me. I think it'll thicken my skin some more. It already has.

I'm a nice person but then nice people tend to get walked allover, right?

I can't decide if I don't like my recruiter or if it's the company.

I will be changing something, that's for sure. They had ample time and still didn't have housing for me before I started. So I had to live in an extended stay. That first room was the worst room I've ever spent a night in. Nonsmoking my ass!

So, I spoke up and asked for a new room and got moved. Then there was a problem with the door lock....... Needless to say I didn't enjoy moving twice in the first week I started this job in a metropolitan area with a ton of construction and traffic.

Then there's the fine print on the contract where I can be cancelled up to a certain number of hours in the total length of my contract. Another thing I experienced was the numbers game with my pay!!! I was told initally that the job pay was one thing and then when I got the contract it was much lower! Turns out that they supplement the pay to make it what they originally told me it was. I didn't find that to be very honest. Just tell me up front. They had to know I'd see it on my contract in black and white.

The last assignment and recruiter I had also played a numbers game with me about my monthly subsidy. Instead of the $XXX/month I was contracted for my paycheck reflected almost $200 less. They came to the difference by :

monthly amount x 12 months then divide that by 52 weeks and that's what I got paid which came to the newer lower amount. I would have appreciated being told that up front too. Why not forget about the first number altogether? Just give me the "real" number?

It is an ongoing learning process and no matter how many travel nurses I knew and spoke to before hand it's still gonna be a challenge but I still love it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

10/25/10 "You don't live in Mayberry"

I love the town I live in. My balcony looks out to a large river and small yacht club.

It's so quaint. I've always wanted to live in a town with a Main street you can walk to, with a picturesque running/walking path, shops, fine dining, pubs, coffee shops, famous bakery and a little theater, that shows old movies and cult flicks.

This theater is awesome. They are having a Grease sing a long, all month long horror fest, weekend classics with brunch, and much more.....

Since I arrived here, I thought to myself "this place looks safe". I decided to go to the Police department and ask them. Apparently on weekends the office is closed. So I had to wait 'til Monday morning to call.

I asked if they've ever had a homicide? Any attacks on runners? Is it safe to run after nightfall or before dawn? He said "It's safe BUT as long as you use common sense. Lock your doors..... People in this town like to think they live in Mayberry........"

I can see it. This place is a little slice of America, minus the delapidated buildings, graffiti and creepy people. Ok, most of America doesn't have Yacht clubs and I find them to be signs of obnoxious yuppie exclusion like Country clubs but this one is tiny and hidden and you get my point. Signs of the "not so nice neighborhood" are missing here.

I'm not an idiot I know that anything can happen anywhere but you must admit that there are locations where running before dawn is simply an invitation for trouble. I just find it surprising that some people in this world still refuse to believe that bad things happen everywhere.

How does someone not lock their doors and why? What is the reason? Is it to prove a point? Is it the simple lack of habit and lack of reality or do they refuse to believe? Is the changing world around them and their stand against it, really that important?

Needless to say, I lock my doors. I run with a cellphone and stay focused on my surroundings. My apartment complex has a gate and locked access to the building let alone my apartment. I am here all alone so my personal safety is important. I have mace for walking to my car at work but there is a shuttle to and from a gaurded garage. One thing's for sure I feel safer here than I did in New Haven, Connecticut.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

10/17/10 "Necessity aka Desperation is the Mother of Invention"

I discovered today that one can toast bread on a stovetop. I remembered back to camping. We would lean the bread on top of the gas stove on low.

You see, I kind of forgot my toaster oven. Ok, I actually left it behind on purpose because I am WAY overpacking. I knew I would and I knew it was a matter of practice. Moving every 13 weeks, you eventually figure out what you really need to take with you.

I also own a lot of clothes and JUNK. I left quite abit in my boyfriend's basement but I still had my truck full to the brim and the fact that everything else I own is in storage makes it even harder.

So I am learning what I can live without. Its very interesting when you think about and then try to live without. Luxury items are so taken for granted.

I grew up in a very thrifty household, being the youngest of 8. I was only lucky because I was the youngest that I occassionally got spoiled but otherwise we scrimped and got by on pennies and coupons and hand me downs...... We didn't have the latest or greatest anything. We were very late in getting a microwave and I thank my parents for that now. Because I remember how to reheat leftovers without one.

Take a large pan with a little water and place a small saucer upsidedown . Heat the pan 'til the water boils and place your leftover plate on top of the upside down one. Simmer covered until desired temperature.

What couldn't you live without? Think about though, is it really that impossible? I suppose it all depends on why you're giving it up. If its a reason that's worth it then you'll find a way to make life without it work, especially if its only temporary ;)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

10/16/10 "The Long Distance Relationship"

This one's not so much about travel nursing but your personal life while travel nursing or travel anything.

I am in a long distance relationship. When we were talking about it, the other day, I said "I don't think that I have ever been in one........" Then I remembered way back when I was young. There was a world of difference between 19 and 20. I had a boyfriend who was turning 21 long before I would. We were devoted and young. We were so sure we'd be married and together forever. The long and the short of it. He cheated and he didn't want to stay together.

I learned from that, just as I learn something from every situation in life, whether it be positive or negative. I learned that men have needs, even the least needy men. Of course, women do too, but I'm talking about men. Although, that's a good point. Any relationship, long distance or not, needs fuel to both sides. If one or both feel neglected, add in the simple fact that you're not physically close to eachother, and you have a potential for disaster.

There's a key here. You see, my boyfriend is 10 plus years in recovery and I don't drink much. I honestly believe that alcohol and drugs play a really big part. You ask the people with the most secure relationships, how they feel about throwing in alcohol and the opposite sex and you will find their level of security changes very quickly. You see it all the time on "Jersey Shore" or just go to any local bar and play fly on the wall. Its proven that people lose their judgement when they drink or do any substance. I feel bad for those young girls every time they go drinking. They are risking themselves to the men who are also drinking and lack proper judgement.

Anyhow, as far as the long distance thing. I'm making it fun and keeping it interesting. I have about 20 I miss you hallmark cards to send every other day, including an oversized one and several with songs of ours. I'm also great at sexy emails, texts and teasing but best of all is still up my sleeve and honestly NOTHING beats in the flesh.

He put the bar pretty high when I left. He gave me a gift and said I couldn't open it until I got there. It was a digital picture frame, already loaded with photos and some of our songs.

Its all a challenge but it's nothing we can't handle. When he said he was sick of these feeling of missing me all the time, I told him we should make the most of it and let it make us stronger and deeper. I honestly believe in taking a negative and finding the positive in it. More to come soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

10/15/10 "Welcome to Pittsburgh"

I like pittsburgh so far, despite the enormous number of bridges and tunnels. I haven't googled it yet but I've driven thru at least 2 tunnels and I can't begin to count how many overpasses and 4 bridges.

Pittsburgh has 3 rivers! I happen to have an apartment looking out
my balcony onto one of them :)

This is a good thing except for my lack of knowledge of the area. So my boyfriend gave me his gps. What a great invention. I can imagine how helpful modern technology is for a traveler. However, it's almost a hinderance here. You see, gps has trouble with elevations. Something we first discovered a weekend away in Rhode Isalnd. It can't always tell which road or highway when there's one above or below you. So thank god I knew this and remained calm when it says " turn left" while you're driving on an overpass. Yikes!

As far as the job and stuff, there's more to come soon.