Friday, October 15, 2010

10/15/10 "Welcome to Pittsburgh"

I like pittsburgh so far, despite the enormous number of bridges and tunnels. I haven't googled it yet but I've driven thru at least 2 tunnels and I can't begin to count how many overpasses and 4 bridges.

Pittsburgh has 3 rivers! I happen to have an apartment looking out
my balcony onto one of them :)

This is a good thing except for my lack of knowledge of the area. So my boyfriend gave me his gps. What a great invention. I can imagine how helpful modern technology is for a traveler. However, it's almost a hinderance here. You see, gps has trouble with elevations. Something we first discovered a weekend away in Rhode Isalnd. It can't always tell which road or highway when there's one above or below you. So thank god I knew this and remained calm when it says " turn left" while you're driving on an overpass. Yikes!

As far as the job and stuff, there's more to come soon.

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