Saturday, October 16, 2010

10/16/10 "The Long Distance Relationship"

This one's not so much about travel nursing but your personal life while travel nursing or travel anything.

I am in a long distance relationship. When we were talking about it, the other day, I said "I don't think that I have ever been in one........" Then I remembered way back when I was young. There was a world of difference between 19 and 20. I had a boyfriend who was turning 21 long before I would. We were devoted and young. We were so sure we'd be married and together forever. The long and the short of it. He cheated and he didn't want to stay together.

I learned from that, just as I learn something from every situation in life, whether it be positive or negative. I learned that men have needs, even the least needy men. Of course, women do too, but I'm talking about men. Although, that's a good point. Any relationship, long distance or not, needs fuel to both sides. If one or both feel neglected, add in the simple fact that you're not physically close to eachother, and you have a potential for disaster.

There's a key here. You see, my boyfriend is 10 plus years in recovery and I don't drink much. I honestly believe that alcohol and drugs play a really big part. You ask the people with the most secure relationships, how they feel about throwing in alcohol and the opposite sex and you will find their level of security changes very quickly. You see it all the time on "Jersey Shore" or just go to any local bar and play fly on the wall. Its proven that people lose their judgement when they drink or do any substance. I feel bad for those young girls every time they go drinking. They are risking themselves to the men who are also drinking and lack proper judgement.

Anyhow, as far as the long distance thing. I'm making it fun and keeping it interesting. I have about 20 I miss you hallmark cards to send every other day, including an oversized one and several with songs of ours. I'm also great at sexy emails, texts and teasing but best of all is still up my sleeve and honestly NOTHING beats in the flesh.

He put the bar pretty high when I left. He gave me a gift and said I couldn't open it until I got there. It was a digital picture frame, already loaded with photos and some of our songs.

Its all a challenge but it's nothing we can't handle. When he said he was sick of these feeling of missing me all the time, I told him we should make the most of it and let it make us stronger and deeper. I honestly believe in taking a negative and finding the positive in it. More to come soon!


  1. LDR can be difficult, but you all sound like you are handling it well.

    The digital picture frame was a great idea.

  2. Thanks. I know it's gonna work out just fine but it always helps to hear from others that we're doing it right.