Sunday, October 17, 2010

10/17/10 "Necessity aka Desperation is the Mother of Invention"

I discovered today that one can toast bread on a stovetop. I remembered back to camping. We would lean the bread on top of the gas stove on low.

You see, I kind of forgot my toaster oven. Ok, I actually left it behind on purpose because I am WAY overpacking. I knew I would and I knew it was a matter of practice. Moving every 13 weeks, you eventually figure out what you really need to take with you.

I also own a lot of clothes and JUNK. I left quite abit in my boyfriend's basement but I still had my truck full to the brim and the fact that everything else I own is in storage makes it even harder.

So I am learning what I can live without. Its very interesting when you think about and then try to live without. Luxury items are so taken for granted.

I grew up in a very thrifty household, being the youngest of 8. I was only lucky because I was the youngest that I occassionally got spoiled but otherwise we scrimped and got by on pennies and coupons and hand me downs...... We didn't have the latest or greatest anything. We were very late in getting a microwave and I thank my parents for that now. Because I remember how to reheat leftovers without one.

Take a large pan with a little water and place a small saucer upsidedown . Heat the pan 'til the water boils and place your leftover plate on top of the upside down one. Simmer covered until desired temperature.

What couldn't you live without? Think about though, is it really that impossible? I suppose it all depends on why you're giving it up. If its a reason that's worth it then you'll find a way to make life without it work, especially if its only temporary ;)

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