Monday, October 25, 2010

10/25/10 "You don't live in Mayberry"

I love the town I live in. My balcony looks out to a large river and small yacht club.

It's so quaint. I've always wanted to live in a town with a Main street you can walk to, with a picturesque running/walking path, shops, fine dining, pubs, coffee shops, famous bakery and a little theater, that shows old movies and cult flicks.

This theater is awesome. They are having a Grease sing a long, all month long horror fest, weekend classics with brunch, and much more.....

Since I arrived here, I thought to myself "this place looks safe". I decided to go to the Police department and ask them. Apparently on weekends the office is closed. So I had to wait 'til Monday morning to call.

I asked if they've ever had a homicide? Any attacks on runners? Is it safe to run after nightfall or before dawn? He said "It's safe BUT as long as you use common sense. Lock your doors..... People in this town like to think they live in Mayberry........"

I can see it. This place is a little slice of America, minus the delapidated buildings, graffiti and creepy people. Ok, most of America doesn't have Yacht clubs and I find them to be signs of obnoxious yuppie exclusion like Country clubs but this one is tiny and hidden and you get my point. Signs of the "not so nice neighborhood" are missing here.

I'm not an idiot I know that anything can happen anywhere but you must admit that there are locations where running before dawn is simply an invitation for trouble. I just find it surprising that some people in this world still refuse to believe that bad things happen everywhere.

How does someone not lock their doors and why? What is the reason? Is it to prove a point? Is it the simple lack of habit and lack of reality or do they refuse to believe? Is the changing world around them and their stand against it, really that important?

Needless to say, I lock my doors. I run with a cellphone and stay focused on my surroundings. My apartment complex has a gate and locked access to the building let alone my apartment. I am here all alone so my personal safety is important. I have mace for walking to my car at work but there is a shuttle to and from a gaurded garage. One thing's for sure I feel safer here than I did in New Haven, Connecticut.

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  1. I'm planning on travel nursing soon, where were you living at this time. It sounds idealIstic!