Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26/10 "The Newbie is learning some lessons"

Travel nursing is gonna be good for me. I think it'll thicken my skin some more. It already has.

I'm a nice person but then nice people tend to get walked allover, right?

I can't decide if I don't like my recruiter or if it's the company.

I will be changing something, that's for sure. They had ample time and still didn't have housing for me before I started. So I had to live in an extended stay. That first room was the worst room I've ever spent a night in. Nonsmoking my ass!

So, I spoke up and asked for a new room and got moved. Then there was a problem with the door lock....... Needless to say I didn't enjoy moving twice in the first week I started this job in a metropolitan area with a ton of construction and traffic.

Then there's the fine print on the contract where I can be cancelled up to a certain number of hours in the total length of my contract. Another thing I experienced was the numbers game with my pay!!! I was told initally that the job pay was one thing and then when I got the contract it was much lower! Turns out that they supplement the pay to make it what they originally told me it was. I didn't find that to be very honest. Just tell me up front. They had to know I'd see it on my contract in black and white.

The last assignment and recruiter I had also played a numbers game with me about my monthly subsidy. Instead of the $XXX/month I was contracted for my paycheck reflected almost $200 less. They came to the difference by :

monthly amount x 12 months then divide that by 52 weeks and that's what I got paid which came to the newer lower amount. I would have appreciated being told that up front too. Why not forget about the first number altogether? Just give me the "real" number?

It is an ongoing learning process and no matter how many travel nurses I knew and spoke to before hand it's still gonna be a challenge but I still love it!


  1. Wow. Don't you just love these little surprises that pop up...things they can't seem to tell you when they're trying to sell you on the job? I've heard of that monthly trick before...a lot of companies get away with paying less by paying someone twice a month instead of biweekly.

  2. I'm certain there will be more little surprises. The trick is gonna be catching then before they're an issue.