Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marie Claire issues apology for insensitive provocative blogger

The magazine Marie Claire issued an apology on tuesday for posting a blog by a free lance columnist of theirs, Maura Kelly.

In her original blog she was discussing a CBS sitcom, called "Mike and Molly". She compared watching obese people to watching an alcoholic or a junky. The article was title "Should Fatties Get A Room?". Marie Claire approved the article before it was released but blame the blogger's provocative style.

Apparently the entire thing started with a CNN article about the show and other shows handling weight issues in tv and movies.


  1. I had not heard about this one--thanks for the story and the link. Kelly's story has 1,462 comments. I'd say she hit several chords with her readers.

  2. It struck a chord with me too. Her article was totally an opinion piece but the magazine can't have opinions like that in this day and age. Even her approach was unprofessional and ignorant and the delivery was insensitive.

    I'm curious about what both article are referring to about the sitcom's weight jokes. Although, I can't imagine the actors would be in the show if they were being asked to follow a script that they don't agree with.

  3. WOW. That article made me really, really uncomfortable. I'm going to have to blog on this!!! (I'll link to you in the blog.)

  4. It occurred to me, what bothers me the most is not only her promoting of hatred of any kind but also self hatred. It's hard enough on impressionable young girls to see celebrities and the world around them and not think "Wow, I'm supposed to look perfect and hate anyone who doesn't" but also hate themselves if they can't attain that perfection.

    It's clear in her article that she harbors self loathing in the way that she talks about anorexia and the fact that she struggles with it.