Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Somtimes the grass is just spraypainted greener on the other side (part 2)

The grass is NEVER greener on the other side and on the rare occasion that it is, well, you actually changed yourself. If you put that change and the effort into your previous relationship it very well may have worked out too.

Let's think a minute about that saying.

Grass needs to be nurtured, right? Dead grass is dead because it wasn't nurtured. Some very smart and witty person came up with that saying, huh? Relationships need to be nurtured. Fail to nurture them and they may die. Some easier than others.

No one can enter into something without some amount of effort and sacrifice. Nothing in this world is easy or handed over and when you have that attitude you will find yourself very unhappy someday. We are all individually responsible for our own happiness and reflectively so in how we treat others close to us, in any relationship in our lives. Meaning, a person can make themselves miserable in treating the people in their life poorly.

There is alot to be said about gratitude. I heard someone say "I wonder if a little gratitude is too much to ask."? Personally I think it's moments like that, when we need to be even more thankful and grateful. Gratitude begets gratitude. You don't go out into the world expecting it back though, you must honestly want the best for others.

If you've ever read "The Secret" then you get it. It's a wonderful book about how we live our lives and quickly as I began it, I realized that I live my life in this way. More now than ever and even more so every day.

Research shows the most happy people practice gratitude every day. Even the little things because honestly some days that's all there is on your mind and it's a great place to start.

I heard not too long ago to treat your husband as you treat your dog! I thought, huh? Well, after the example, I got it.

When you come home and in the door and you say " Hi baby.......Ohh I love you too (lick lick, kiss, kiss).....You're such a good boy......Do you want a treat?.....I got you one, right here!"

Imagine if you said that to your husband instead of "Yo, Are you here?..........I'm home.........Did you start dinner.......cause I gotta get to this meeting by 7 and they're only serving chips......What do you mean you didn't start it?........I have to leave in 45 minutes!........Oh, hello by the way"

I'm not talking about building the Tajmahal to show your appreciation.

Just a simple thanks and maybe a kind gesture, like taking out the garbage.

I know what you're thinking too. That's hard to do especially when you are mad at them or don't feel that they deserve it, but then why are you with them? Then you'll remember the reasons and the little things you're mad about will look smaller. Better yet maybe it'll even inspire you to work on your problems and improve what you have.

I think the best way to appreciate others is to imagine them not in your life. How do you feel? How does that change your life? What do those missing people bring to your life?

Now go thank them for it.


  1. Great message. I am a big fan of the saying "Bloom where You are Planted."

  2. Love the point about treating my husband the way I treat my dogs!

  3. Good point! I need to be aware of not showing my dog more love than my husband when I get home!!! But the best saying I heard for the greener grass saying was, "The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but you'll still have to mow that grass, too."