Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Travel Teusday 11/16/10 ( I meant to post this yesterday)

My boyfriend came to town on friday. We did a duck tour
of Pittsburgh. That was fun. We saw the city, heard some of it's history and laughed at stupid jokes. I found out they officially have 446 bridges. That's three more than Venice, Italy , the former world leader in number of bridges.

We were going out for dinner. I put the address into the gps and off we went to see the 2nd most romantic view in the US, the Dusquene incline. An old coal cart converted into an incline trolley car to transport people to the top of Mount Washington, where all the upscale restaurants are, including the one we had reservations for.

Somehow we made it through the construction area and into town faster than I had expected. Good thing, since it would take us another 45 mintues of driving around lost to find out that the parking area address I got off the internet, was no longer open. The gps had trouble with the mulitple elevations too, so we couldn't quite keep on one path. By the time we realized it, I knew he wouldn't be able to enjoy the evening, meaning I wouldn't either. So we decided to go back toward home and find a place to eat there.

If it wasn't for the schizophrenic gps and the wrong address, we would have found it fairly easily.

We also saw the Cathedral of Learning. It's an enormous 42 story building which was built as a cathedral but is nonreligious. It's actually a part of the University of Pittsburgh. The architecture is beautiful but the best part of it is the 26 nationality rooms. They have 26 rooms and growing. Each room representing a culture in West Pennsylvania. They have German, Chinese, Israeli, African, Japanese....... and on. We both enjoyed the German, Ukranian and Yugoslavian rooms, being as they are our nationalities. Mike was raised in former Yugoslavia until he was 10, traveling across Europe and living in Austria for awhile until immigrating in the 70's.

The Austrian room

The Armenian room

Each room was prepared and individually modeled after a specific culturally appropriate setting. The Welsh room was a chapel and a classroom, modelled after the early settlers town buildings. The Ukranian room was a replica of a reception room where visitors would be welcomed into a home. Click the link above and you could take a virtual tour! Best of all, each of these rooms is utilized as a classroom for the University.

We also toured the 300 acre Allegheny Cemetary, dating back to the 1800's. The grand and magnificent mosleums were eerie yet beautiful. Then the wierdest part was when we got back in the car to leave and the gps spoke Afrikans. We didn't change the language and I did lock the doors!

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  1. What did we do before GPSs?

    Sounds breathtaking!!! We have a duck tour here in Nashville, but I haven't heard much about it.