Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Travel teusday

Here's a quick update while I'm still on vacation for Thanksgiving. I made my flights and made it to dinner without any problems. Thans to the wonderful forethought of someone in Philly. Years ago they created a train line that continues out of center city to each airport terminal. Why other cities don't have that is beyond me. Its one of my favorite things about Philly.

Got to see my dad in the hospital. What a crappy way to celebrate the holiday on top of feeling like crap. Its gonna be awhile 'til he's home. I was considering calling the airline to do a family emergency request and not fly to Florida on saturday but I flew anyway.

Now I'm here til tomorrow with my boyfriend at his parents place. Beautifl weather and relaxing.... No special plans.

I wouldn't have had a problem staying in Pittsburgh alone for the holidays. I could have thought of many good ways to spend it or even just worked so others could have off. Its more for everyone else that I came home or went to Florida. I wanted to volunteer for a feed the needy. I knew with traveling there'd be times I couldn't get home.

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  1. I never have to travel for the holidays and I am so thankful for that.

    Hope you dad feels better soon!