Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Travel Tuesday 11/09/10

I am dedicating my tuesdays to travel diary logs.

So this past week:

I started with an 11 mile hike with the hiking meetup. It's a big deal to hike the Rachel Carson trail. The trail is around 37 miles and named after Rachel Carson, a founder in the environmental movement. Every year on the longest day, 600 people hike this challenging trail.

Many of the people, were there with us. I was so happy to finish in 4 hours, until I found out the first people finished in 2 1/2 hours! Needless to say I haven't felt up to much exercise or running since that day.

I got to the Strip District which is a shopping area.

I wandered around but most of all I was there to find the chocolate store. I knew they would have my favorite and they did! It's a british brand called Dauphin and it's made of dark chocolate and earl grey tea leaves. It's heavenly. I would like to go back when the markets are open at the end of the week too. It's supposed to be a big shopping arena for fresh meats and produce.

My boyfriend set a date for visiting me and he's coming this weekend! Yay!!! He's driving, which he doesn't really enjoy alone, but for me he'll do it. Of course his time limit is 8 hours and that's how far of a drive it is. So I consider myself very lucky! He doesn't want to fly because of the recent bombs discovered after an anonymous tip about a commercial flight delivering a printer. Yes, a printer with bombs hidden inside of the ink cartdridge. I don't blame him there.

I'm planning a bunch of outings for his time with me but I mostly want to spend time at home with him alone. So I'll update you next tuesday very quickly, being as he'll still be with me and I want to spend as much quality time as possible together.

Tomorrow I will post part 2 of yesterdays blog. It's the part I like most.

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