Thursday, December 23, 2010

A few of my favorite Christmas memories

My father's train set.

Watching the train whiz by puffing fake smoke into the air. The sounds of the train against the tracks. "Chug, chug, chug, chug..." The little whistle of the engine. The lights and fake snow lit up in the darkness and a fire glowing in the fireplace. This is a toy train at my work cafeteria that I videoed for my boyfriend's father because he loves trains.

Christmas caroling.

I actually went around our neighborhood singing. I loved singing Christmas carols. We would stop by the church convent and rectory. It was just a group of little kids no formal adult organized us. We just wanted to sing door to door because we loved the season.

Our tree.

We always had a real one and we waited til after the second week of December. It also worked out that we never had a tree or decorations up for my birthday. I don't think that was intentional but I did like not having my birthday overshadowed or Christmas undershadowed.

Christmas breakfast.

Just as much as Christmas dinner was a feast, so was breakfast. I even ran around the house ringing a bell to wake everyone up early so we could start the day as soon as humanly possible! Yes, I was a brat!

Christmas music.

We had an old stand up wooden stereo that my parents played records on until it collapsed after some 50 years. We would play everything from Vienna boys choir to Mitch Miller's sing along! This was long before radio stations played Christmas music from November 1st on, so you got nauseous of Christmas music. No one should ever have to get sick from too much Christmas music. I honestly think they are going to ruin people's love for it.

Baking Christmas cookies.

I love baking but most of all I love making cut out cookies and I'm certian my love of those came from baking Christmas cookies. The moments spent decorating and bonding with the my mom and sisters were priceless. I could go on but won't. What are some of your favorite memories of Christmas?

May you all enjoy your holidays and remember to be thankful for what you have and those in your life.

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  1. We always had a real tree, too; and the making, cutting, and decorating of sugar cookies was always a part of our celebration. We always left the traditional plate of cookies and glass of milk for Santa, too. Our gifts from Santa were never wrapped. They were displayed in all their glory under the tree when we got up early on Christmas morning.

    Thanks for this memory jogger, giving me a nostalgic look back at Christmases past.

    Merry Christmas to you, Kristina.