Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm on vacation in DC

So I'm in DC for a few days having fun. I haven't had the chance to check in and read too much here. So I will be catching back up on everyone's blogs later this week.

The last time I was here was with my ex for the day several years back. One day was too short. The first and only other time, was high school for an overnight trip with the German exchange students.

I didn't appreciate this city back then. Hell, I didn't appreciate anything back then. Let's not even get started on our exchange trip to Germany.

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere that you went to as a kid and wished you had paid attention and took a real interest in?


  1. Enjoy your time in DC.

    For me it was Southern Cali--I was born out there and went back, but should have done more during the stay.

  2. well I hope you're enjoying it now! Good for you for having a gettaway...mind you, your whole life is kind of one giant gettaway...lucky!

  3. Absolutely...Germany, ironically. We even saw the Berlin Wall. That's a once in a lifetime thing that is SO lost on a 6-year-old!

  4. I hope you have a lovely time, I have never been there but would like to make the trip one day. I only went on holidays to Torquay in South Devon when I was growing up and I still go back. But I try to travel abroad as much as I can, constantly on catch up!

  5. DC is a favorite spot of mine. And yes, there are many places I went as a child that I can't remember anything about since I didn't pay attention. I'll say "Ooo, I'd love to go there!" and my mom or dad will quickly remind me that I HAVE been there, I just didn't pay attention.

  6. Oh just about everywhere.. and I haven't been to all that many places but we look at our surroundings with such different eyes as we mature.