Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It goes beyond, "Never leave your drink unattended"

I really wish I had the time to do this properly but I simply haven't had time to work on my blogs and I've run out of already prepared ones.

I had to post this one this week because of it's pertinence and the dangers out there. I have wanted to do a several blogs about alcohol. I am by no means a saint and I'm not proposing prohibition but I do think one can never be reminded often enough of it's dangers. This is only one of them, Impaired Judgement.

I can't help but feel that drinking has a great potential for danger and it seems to have grown. More young women are drinking on tv and acting out of control. I can't help but think that young girls and maybe even boys are getting an impression that they don't need to be getting.

I think girls think that drinking is harmless. I also think that maybe some guys think a drunk girl is an easy target. I had my number of out of control partying when I was young and I was ALWAYS with people I knew and trusted.

Let's not forget the stories of women like Natalie Holloway and I have to be honest, good men usually hate having a drunken date to have to take care of while they puke and stumble and pass out.

It goes beyond never leaving your drink alone anymore.

You decide.

(The following was reported in the Pennsylvania Beaver County Times. Since this just happened I suspect it will get even bigger as it spreads in the news. I have never heard of this in the news. I doubt that it's the first time but you can't even trust the bartender anymore.)

Police: Ambridge rape caught on tape
December 28, 2010 12:30 PM

AMBRIDGE — Ambridge police say they were able to view the details of a rape in a borough bar early Sunday before charging a bartender with the crime.

In court records filed Sunday night, police said James Sumpter continued to feed drinks to the reported female victim until she passed out in the bar after it was closed; once the woman passed out, video taken from security cameras in the bar appeared to show he raped her.

Sumpter, 37, of 939 Beaver Road, Second Floor, Ambridge, is charged with rape and unlawful acts related to liquor and malt beverages, meaning he continued to serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated customer.

Have a Happy Healthy and safe New Year's!!!!


  1. EEEEK. Forcing alcohol on someone has to be a charge in and of itself. I went through alcohol awareness training once and it was drilled into us that if we are in capacity to serve alcohol, we could be held responsible for anything that happened due to our overserving.

  2. My father was an alcoholic. It was something he battled all his life. I've never liked the stuff myself, for which I'm grateful.

    Thanks for this timely post.

  3. What a timely and important post! Thank you for reminding us all that alcohol in excess, and at the wrong time is dangerous and can be fatal! I've avoided alcohol my whole life, and don't think I've missed out on much....well I guess I have missed out on a few things, like morning hangovers, puking my guts out, embarrassing myself, and not remembering what I did the night before. Humm, I really don't miss those things! P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you visit again soon. I'll 'follow' you and be back to visit you again too.

  4. I want to be clear about this post though, I don't mean in any way that a rape victim is at fault. Simply that alcohol is a mind altering substance and needs to be respected as such.

    Thing is, I like alcohol. I enjoy a cold beer, a fine wine or trying out a new cocktail creation, but there's always been that mindset that partying like crazy is a badge of honor and it really isn't. It's just one chance at death or injury which we narrowly escape.