Sunday, December 5, 2010

New facebook

Facebook is changing again. Yes, again! It goes live today.

This is the original faceook looke. I joined after this one. It's changed many many times since that.

It'll be more personalized. Something similar to the old myspace. Something I always liked about myspace was the personalization. Your page was kinda like your room. Remember all the time you would spend decorating your room while growing up? I guess it was more of a girl thing, but I think guys did it too, just different.

Actually, it's not that bad. Change is good. I love change. It means improvement.

The thing that concerns me, as they pointed out on 60 minutes last night, is the privacy. It has always concerned me to have the names of your family members, photos and there locations........... There are countless ways that privacy needs to be protected. I have never been one to hide in any way but I did turn my profile semiprivate a ways back and I rarely accept a friend that I don't know in person. I do wonder though about the pages that you "like". Are these pages aloud access to all of my information? Or can I restrict their access?

If it's up to me to restrict, then how? Seriously, I have a long list. Do I have to go through and restrict each one individually? I have thought about emailing them about privacy and what can I do, but I'm pretty sure it'll be a standard response and probably take awhile to get back to me too. Ultimately my privacy is in my own hands.

I am planning on doing a privacy overhaul. I think it's long overdue. Whether I need to or not. One can never be too safe.

Happy Facebooking! Oh and there will be a tutorial available. Like they did last time, they will also be giving you the option to keep your old page.

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