Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Travel Tuesday "My birthday in DC"

It's travel tuesday folks and that means time for a quick update on my life as a travel nurse!

The long and the short of it is that I went to DC to celebrate my 39th birthday and stopped back home on my way in. I saw my dad, who was discharged home from the hospital the day before. He had been in for 3 weeks! I was so happy to see him at home but wow he's so miserable. It's just gonna take alot of time and patience for him to heal.

The next day I was off to DC. I spent that night with my niece and her boyfriend. We went to an outdoor Christmas fair. Walked around downtown and looked at the City's tree. They have 50+ smaller trees surrounding the main tree. These trees each represent the 50 states and several territories and are decorated individually with their appropriate decor.

We went to a place for dinner called Bon Chon. They make the most delicious chicken! I would describe it as candied and deep fried.

There's also one in NYC.

The next day I got to enjoy two of my favorite activities, Drag show brunch! Food and a show, it doesn't get much better. Honestly, if you've never seen a drag show, you really must!

Over the next few days I got around to several museums. The highlights of which, were The Newseum and The National Museum of the American Indian. Both of these are fairly new museums. The latter has an extraordinary volume of information. A very extensive and interesting collection of all natives to the America's. A museum I highly recommend to everyone! It's the most recent addition to the Smithsonian museums, which by the way are all free.

The Newseum was not free but well worth the money. The largest museum collection devoted to the media in all of it's forms. The evolution of tv and all written materials. A timeline spanning the earliest books all the way to the news today via the internet. They had an entire floor devoted to Katrina. There's a large piece of the Berlin wall

and the antenna from the top of the North tower of the World Trade Center salvaged after 9-11.

Please note the back wall. It is all the front pages of newspapers reporting 9-11. They had a similar display at the Katrina exhibit. Both were chillingly surreal.

All in all a great time. I will revisit my trip in a follow up blog later about my Birthday dinner!


  1. All around the best birthday I have heard of in a while. DC is by far the coolest city. When I was there I only had 6 hours to see everything. To say the least a friend and I literally ran around to snap pictures and see all that we could in the small window of time we had.

    I WILL go back someday!

    HAPPY [late] BIRTHDAY!

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