Monday, December 20, 2010

What do you want for Christmas?

Are you done your holiday shopping? Don't know what to get someone? Dread the holiday shopping?

There are a few tips for the shopping impaired, namely men. Hey, it's not my fault and I really don't mean to generalize but really come on.

Here's a few tips for anyone who is shopping challenged.

1. Know who you are shopping for. Find out something about them if you don't know them well. Buy them an item used in a hobby they enjoy.

2. Repeat past gifts. If it was a hit before it will be a hit again, unless you have bought that same hit every. single. year. for 10 years.

3. Don't buy something practical. It's not the season to buy a useful gift for cleaning or ..... UNLESS, they actually ask for it, or like my fathe, enjoy practical gifts and while we're on the same topic..........

4. DO buy what they ask for!!!! AKA ask them what they want!!!!!!!!

Now on that note, what do you want?

Me? There's honestly nothing on my list. I have become less material but I also buy myself anything I need. Most of the things i want most aren't tangible.

My interpretation of this season is really more for giving. I enjoy giving a great gift. I don't enjoy getting my hopes up and being let down, so I really don't do that. I am happy getting anything at all. I definitely think Christmas should focus on children. It's really a holiday for them.

May you all recieve the most precious and important gift of all, Love.

1 comment:

  1. I am like you--not a thing on the list as I have much more than I deserve.

    Your #4 is essential--asking early helps me focus on gifts while there is still time for choices.