Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Not My Problem

I am not traveling to go to some new job all the time and try to fix them.

There are many times that I come across, inefficiency. I'm not there to fix that. Don't get me wrong, the thought to address it always pops into my head but again I am there as a visitor for 13 weeks. It's the dedicated hard worker in me, that always wants to go the extra mile. I will gladly go the extra mile for a patient but for a facility? No. Honestly even if I'm correct, how in a matter of weeks or days can I really know that they are being inefficient?

I learned after 15 years at the bedside in the same hospital, that it's not my job. That's why managers are managers and charge nurse are charge nurses and supervisors.... It's what makes a really successful charge or supervisor.
It's not worth the hassle. Unless it affects my patient's safety, I will simply do as they wish. I went above and beyond plenty at my job for years about little behind the scenes things, to improve simple efficiency.

I must say, I've learned to embrace this freedom and save myself uneeded aggravation. This isn't the kind of attitude I come to easily. I do struggle with it but, just as anything else you practice, it becomes easier. I come in to work and I abide by their guidelines and rules. I always do things, the way they want it done. Then I go home at the end of the day leaving the problems behind because, well quite frankly, it's not my problem ..................or is it? I am probably being far more efficient by actually just doing my job as they want it done.

I am lucky and unlucky enough to see a totally new crew of workers, styles of management and types of work order every few months. It's fascinating to see the differences in nurse's aids and secretaries and everyone from facility to facility. There seem to be alot of people who just get by at a job doing the bare minimum to keep it yet still stay employed. In fact at times getting rewarded along with everyone else.

Bottom line I think it absolutely takes every individual, whether they're management or whatever the role, to be most efficient Team possible. In medicine your own tasks often require more than one person. Each person must have a clear role and be efficient enough at it. Of course it helps to have an efficient manager but I don't think that a great manager alone is the best foundation. From the Environmental Services to the Dietary to the Physicians and the Volunteers, each person's role is vital.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Horrified Animal Lover (warning graphic photos)

I have heard of tattooing your race dog or race horse. Racing animals or fighting animals is cruel but still goes on in this country. I have never seen any of these and really don't want to. I don't believe that they are always well cared for under these conditions.

To be honest, I believe there are better laws and regulations among laboratory animal care. With humane animal testing not only is there humaneness but a greater goal than "art" or simple selfishness. Some pet owners are more cruel than some race/fight animal owners or even laboratory animal testers.

I can understand a small simple mark to claim ownership. The mark should be carfeully placed in an area where the animal has little to no sensation. This form of ID should only be used when an eartag may be inadvertantly ripped off by the animal. Even better if the goal of research is to benefit the animals.

So, I heard a crazy thing the other day about a program ran on Animal Planet. I didn't believe it. Then I saw the photos. I was honestly horrified! I was also confused and had so many questions and speechless all at the same time. I admit that I found very few answers. I've searched the internet and the Animal Planet site and was unable to find the video or any reference to it. I don't understand why this is so unknown when yet there are numerous images on blogs and sites all over and an artist creating these works to "harvest" them. Yes, in his own words "harvest", which it turns out truly means that he kills these pigs for their tattoos to frame as wall art later. He saves these pigs from a Chinese slaughter house only to sedate them and decorate them and then terminate them when their skin has stretched the tattoo to his liking, all for the soul purpose of Art.

These owners of tattooed pets and animal tattoo artists claim that animals skin is less sensitive due to many layers and that they sedate them anyway. Sedation of any creature has it's side effects and risks and I'm not sold that science has proven their skin less sensitive. Sedation and tattooing of a creature unable to make their wishes known is cruel and unnecessary.

I have contacted both Animal Planet and the American Veterinary Medical Association for any information and sources they have. I will post a follow up later.

I'm not saying to give up pet ownership or Zoos, although I totally understand that point of view and once stood on that side of the fence. If you stop to think about all the things we put our pets through for the sake of ownerships and pure selfishness, it makes you wonder if we are doing them any diservice, ie. grooming, shaving, clothing, training and now tattooing...

Where do we draw the line?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Day, Honoring Heroes!

What does Martin Luther King Jr. mean to you? His voice was necessary and his achievements were great. He made equality for all an absolute with just one voice that became many.

We should use this day, this man's memory, to honor all heroes and in fact allow ourselves to be inspired to find our own inner hero.

Without him and others like him, the most influencial leaders in history would be made up of one less great person. With people like Hitler, Napoleon, Ghengis Kahn we need to keep alive the Legacy of the great people, like Martin Luther, Joan of Arc, Ghandi. Any of these leaders could have led the world anywhere they wanted. Some of them chose the greater good of man and some of them chose to destroy mankind.

We are all capable of great things. Even great things within the confines of our lives. All of the most magnanimous people in history were made just like each and every one of us. Some came from alot less opportunity than what any of us have but they never gave up. They made a choice. What if Hitler put his efforts into goodwill? What of you actually followed your crazy unrealistic dreams? What if your kid is saying they want to be President of the United States? Stop defeating the good and embrace it. He was one voice that made such a loud and necessary statement. I think he taught me that we all are one loud voice with the potential to do and say so much if only we say and do it!

It took one man to stand up, state "I have a dream............".

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in DC will be open in August for contributions via website, text or toolbar go here

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saving Lives through vaccination!

Maybe you've heard the claim before, that vaccines are dangerous. Not too long ago I watched a tv program about the claim that vaccines cause autism. This is completely unfounded and false, as this program also reported. Recently on facebook a Physician friend of mine posted a link to a report released this week from Britain.

Study Linking Vaccines to Autism Is "Fraudulent"

The report was of an in depth study proving how the originally claimed study falsified their report and the head of that study recieved financial gains. This doctor lost his medical license in Britain and is now living in the US. Jenny McCarthy is supporting this physician so many people are accepting his claims.

It appears the average person is more willing to believe a celebrity endorsed spokesperson rather than someone backed by the entire medical community. This fake is not only killing children but also an opportunist preying upon the parents of autistic children and regressing the movement to diagnose, cure and spread awareness about Autism.

Sadly the damage is done and irreparable in many cases. Children have lost their lives and many many many more innocent lives will be lost to this monster's selfishness and irresponsibility.

Many people think that if they google, read or hear something, then it is true and accurate. You can never believe just anything. Proper research is so important for this very reason and no one can argue with the shear number of deaths of children from communicable diseases vs the actual number of known vaccine reactions.

How often do you just take something for face value? Do you ever question things that people tell you or even question yourself about beliefs that you always thought were true and one day found out weren't?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Travel Teusday 1/11/11 "I still have too much stuff"

Friday was my last day of work in Pittsburgh. Wow, did that fly! It had a lot to do with being so busy, going away out of town alot, the holidays, my dad falling, my mom's stroke.

I'm still quite the newbie with travel nursing but 13 weeks goes fast. There are plenty of assignments that are even shorter but the housing for those is usually unpleasant. So, I'm back in Connecticut and starting at Yale again. It has it's pros and cons but I'm here and with my boyfriend for 13 weeks, plus a little time off before and after. We're planning a tour of Italy in April.

In the last few weeks coming up to now, I did have a chance to do a little site seeing. I made it to the Andy Warhol museum to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibit, which was amazing. I wanted to get to the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural Science, and Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. I hope to be back some day to get to all of those.

I made it to the Duquesne Incline and a wonderful dinner on Mount Washington showing a panoramic view of the entire city.

The one thing I am learning fast more than anything else, is to simplify. I am becoming much less material. I'm not hanging onto "things". It was something that started for me back when my marriage ended and we sold the house. I didn't want to bring that life into my future. I just wanted to move on. I was also moving from a 3 bedroom townhouse with an attic, basement and garage full of "stuff" into a one bedroom apartment. There was no easy way to fit everything and I was glad for it. It made me have to choose what was most important. It also prepared me for the amount of downsizing for travel nursing.

Moving this time was one very full car load in my SUV when I arrived and now as I left I downsized even further. The next trip will be even less. I have no interest in hurting my back moving every 13 weeks and spending any more time than necessary packing and unpacking.

When I get rid of stuff or when I buy "things" anymore I really wonder do I need this and did I really need this when I bought it. I know a number of people who live simply with as little belongings as possible. Is that the answer to being fulfilled? I am by no means a hoarder. I just have 39 years worth of belongings in a storage unit and along with me. How do you feel about things? Do you own alot of "stuff"? Do you know any hoarders? Are we trying to fill a void everytime we buy an item?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What are they thinking? Camden prepares to cut police force by 50%!

Yes, not only the most crime ridden city of New Jersey but the HIGHEST crime rate in the nation, is cutting their police force in half!

Are they honestly insane? I don't care what alterior plan they have, it's just plain stupid!

Camden borders Philly on the other side of the Deleware river as you enter New Jersey. It's totally unfair that they have chosen such a foolish plan to budget with lives instead if money.

Philadelphia will always hold a place in my heart no matter where I live. I grew up far away from the inner city, just outside of the border in a very nice suburban neighborhood. Center City was always a reasonable train ride or car trip away.

As far as cities go, Camden is sort of along the lines of an armpit. Philly on the other hand does have many upsides and better neighborhoods within it's borders and just outside but this just can't be good for any part of Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

I plead that the powers in New Jersey's government don't allow this to happen.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ode to Snow

[photo credit the theory of life]

small and light



suspended in the chilly air

the sky, grey

as if full of moisture

ready to explode

birthing it's crystaline creations


onto the cold frozen earth below

blanketing the land

with it's friendly welcome to December

come play

come dance under my beauty

let me float around you

days of youth

spent as angels


olympic lougers

sweet memories

and new meomories to come