Monday, January 24, 2011

Horrified Animal Lover (warning graphic photos)

I have heard of tattooing your race dog or race horse. Racing animals or fighting animals is cruel but still goes on in this country. I have never seen any of these and really don't want to. I don't believe that they are always well cared for under these conditions.

To be honest, I believe there are better laws and regulations among laboratory animal care. With humane animal testing not only is there humaneness but a greater goal than "art" or simple selfishness. Some pet owners are more cruel than some race/fight animal owners or even laboratory animal testers.

I can understand a small simple mark to claim ownership. The mark should be carfeully placed in an area where the animal has little to no sensation. This form of ID should only be used when an eartag may be inadvertantly ripped off by the animal. Even better if the goal of research is to benefit the animals.

So, I heard a crazy thing the other day about a program ran on Animal Planet. I didn't believe it. Then I saw the photos. I was honestly horrified! I was also confused and had so many questions and speechless all at the same time. I admit that I found very few answers. I've searched the internet and the Animal Planet site and was unable to find the video or any reference to it. I don't understand why this is so unknown when yet there are numerous images on blogs and sites all over and an artist creating these works to "harvest" them. Yes, in his own words "harvest", which it turns out truly means that he kills these pigs for their tattoos to frame as wall art later. He saves these pigs from a Chinese slaughter house only to sedate them and decorate them and then terminate them when their skin has stretched the tattoo to his liking, all for the soul purpose of Art.

These owners of tattooed pets and animal tattoo artists claim that animals skin is less sensitive due to many layers and that they sedate them anyway. Sedation of any creature has it's side effects and risks and I'm not sold that science has proven their skin less sensitive. Sedation and tattooing of a creature unable to make their wishes known is cruel and unnecessary.

I have contacted both Animal Planet and the American Veterinary Medical Association for any information and sources they have. I will post a follow up later.

I'm not saying to give up pet ownership or Zoos, although I totally understand that point of view and once stood on that side of the fence. If you stop to think about all the things we put our pets through for the sake of ownerships and pure selfishness, it makes you wonder if we are doing them any diservice, ie. grooming, shaving, clothing, training and now tattooing...

Where do we draw the line?


  1. EEEEK. No! I could never let my little doggie go through something like that. Although, that microchip they surgically put inside animals so that they can be tracked...are they sedated for that surgery? Or is it just a shot that puts it there?

  2. Actually I have had all of my pets microchipped and they are not sedated. It is a quick injection and they have never had any problems with it.

  3. Oh my goodness! Those are stunning photos. It's something I've never heard of before! Thanks for taking a stand against this and being proactive. It's certainly a worthy battle. Can't wait for the update if you hear back from those companies.

  4. You should do your research before posting rubbish..
    all of you.

    Microchip impants are way more painful.. have you ever noticed the size of the needle?

    -VetTech of Canada

  5. Anonymous:

    I have never seen the needle but have been informed by several veterinarians that it is no more painful than any vaccination. To give a tattoo to a person it takes several minutes to hours. I see no reason to assume that tattooing an animal is significantly shorter than a single injection for a microchip. These people who are publicizing the tattooing of animals are also sedating them at times. I'm sure you must know as a vet tech that sedation has it's side effects and unnecessary sedation is simply a harmful practice. To tattoo any animal for esthetic purposes is cruel.

  6. ilike slow worms they are quite rare ifound one outside my house once, i called it thomas clive neil barnaby the first

  7. omg you are all way too sensitive sorry but i would love to have my dog tatooed the same as mine such is life across his belly