Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Day, Honoring Heroes!

What does Martin Luther King Jr. mean to you? His voice was necessary and his achievements were great. He made equality for all an absolute with just one voice that became many.

We should use this day, this man's memory, to honor all heroes and in fact allow ourselves to be inspired to find our own inner hero.

Without him and others like him, the most influencial leaders in history would be made up of one less great person. With people like Hitler, Napoleon, Ghengis Kahn we need to keep alive the Legacy of the great people, like Martin Luther, Joan of Arc, Ghandi. Any of these leaders could have led the world anywhere they wanted. Some of them chose the greater good of man and some of them chose to destroy mankind.

We are all capable of great things. Even great things within the confines of our lives. All of the most magnanimous people in history were made just like each and every one of us. Some came from alot less opportunity than what any of us have but they never gave up. They made a choice. What if Hitler put his efforts into goodwill? What of you actually followed your crazy unrealistic dreams? What if your kid is saying they want to be President of the United States? Stop defeating the good and embrace it. He was one voice that made such a loud and necessary statement. I think he taught me that we all are one loud voice with the potential to do and say so much if only we say and do it!

It took one man to stand up, state "I have a dream............".

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in DC will be open in August for contributions via website, text or toolbar go here


  1. Amen! We all have a voice and so often we silence it or don't speak it to many because we feel foolish or worry we will be beat down. I really do believe that we the people must start speaking out and standing behind the things we speak. We must not forget the importance of our dreams and stop letting the obstacles that stand in our way, hold us back.

    Today, my little guy, whom has brown skin said to me, "Did you know that Martin Luther King had brown skin like me?" We had the best conversation about him and what this means for him and I...our conversation ended with him saying, "Well, I'm going to do all the things I want to do(meaning all the things he wants to do or be when he is an adult) and I'm not letting anyone or anything stop me!" Amen little man, amen!

  2. What a wonderful example of how he has impacted your life. Your little man will go far with an attitude like that and a loving supportive mother!

  3. I believe we teach ourselves our limits. We think we can't do certain things...but says who? Why not shoot for the stars?