Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Travel Teusday 1/11/11 "I still have too much stuff"

Friday was my last day of work in Pittsburgh. Wow, did that fly! It had a lot to do with being so busy, going away out of town alot, the holidays, my dad falling, my mom's stroke.

I'm still quite the newbie with travel nursing but 13 weeks goes fast. There are plenty of assignments that are even shorter but the housing for those is usually unpleasant. So, I'm back in Connecticut and starting at Yale again. It has it's pros and cons but I'm here and with my boyfriend for 13 weeks, plus a little time off before and after. We're planning a tour of Italy in April.

In the last few weeks coming up to now, I did have a chance to do a little site seeing. I made it to the Andy Warhol museum to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibit, which was amazing. I wanted to get to the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural Science, and Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. I hope to be back some day to get to all of those.

I made it to the Duquesne Incline and a wonderful dinner on Mount Washington showing a panoramic view of the entire city.

The one thing I am learning fast more than anything else, is to simplify. I am becoming much less material. I'm not hanging onto "things". It was something that started for me back when my marriage ended and we sold the house. I didn't want to bring that life into my future. I just wanted to move on. I was also moving from a 3 bedroom townhouse with an attic, basement and garage full of "stuff" into a one bedroom apartment. There was no easy way to fit everything and I was glad for it. It made me have to choose what was most important. It also prepared me for the amount of downsizing for travel nursing.

Moving this time was one very full car load in my SUV when I arrived and now as I left I downsized even further. The next trip will be even less. I have no interest in hurting my back moving every 13 weeks and spending any more time than necessary packing and unpacking.

When I get rid of stuff or when I buy "things" anymore I really wonder do I need this and did I really need this when I bought it. I know a number of people who live simply with as little belongings as possible. Is that the answer to being fulfilled? I am by no means a hoarder. I just have 39 years worth of belongings in a storage unit and along with me. How do you feel about things? Do you own alot of "stuff"? Do you know any hoarders? Are we trying to fill a void everytime we buy an item?


  1. We DO have too much stuff, Kristina. We've been trying to downsize a bit over the last few years, but we've hardly made a dent. It's easy to accumulate...much more difficult to part with.

    I'd like to hear more about your job. I'd never heard of a traveling nurse until I stumbled across your blog. Maybe you talked about it in an earlier post, and I just missed it.

  2. We had some extra stuff in Moscow too :) I love beautiful things but I have never been possessed by them. Fortunately my family follow the same philosophy.
    The only uncontrollable and impulsive buys for me are books. I buy them everywhere, and they are all over my apartment. They are heavy and dusty but I can't stop myself.

  3. Linda-
    Travel nursing is basically working as a temporary employee anywhere but under a contract that lasts for x amount of time. Typically the contracts last 13 weeks but can be shorter or longer. The other piece of it involves the job listings and licensing for each state, which can get pricey and complicated depending on which state you have primary residence. It's not anywhere near as glamorous as it once was. There was a time when you could work almost anywhere you wanted and get top pay and a very nice living arrangement. Now you really have to fight to get a fair paying position and decent housing.

    Olga- As long as you love the books!

  4. Thanks for visiting. To answer your questions yes, yes and probably yes. We live in a culture that encourages acquisition. We start by giving children most of what they want and when it breaks we replace it with the newer version. I have been through what you have moving out of a large house into a smaller house and finally an apartment. None of the emotional baggage of a divorce but it did help me review how much junk I need to acquire before I die.

  5. Oh my gosh, that is wonderful to get rid of all that stuff. I'm not exactly a horder but sometimes I hesitate to get rid of things for that "just in case" moment that rarely comes. LOL
    But whenever we have a garage sale, I just love the feeling. Simple is good. :)

  6. I constantly am going between buying things then feeling overwhelmed and wanting to sell them. It's frustrating! So interesting to read about travel nursing, my sister in law is considering doing it :)

  7. Losing so much in the flood taught me how little we really "need" to get by. There's something liberating about throwing so much of your stuff away.

  8. Discarding items can be very cathartic. I have never been through a flood or natural disaster and can only imagine.