Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What are they thinking? Camden prepares to cut police force by 50%!

Yes, not only the most crime ridden city of New Jersey but the HIGHEST crime rate in the nation, is cutting their police force in half!

Are they honestly insane? I don't care what alterior plan they have, it's just plain stupid!

Camden borders Philly on the other side of the Deleware river as you enter New Jersey. It's totally unfair that they have chosen such a foolish plan to budget with lives instead if money.

Philadelphia will always hold a place in my heart no matter where I live. I grew up far away from the inner city, just outside of the border in a very nice suburban neighborhood. Center City was always a reasonable train ride or car trip away.

As far as cities go, Camden is sort of along the lines of an armpit. Philly on the other hand does have many upsides and better neighborhoods within it's borders and just outside but this just can't be good for any part of Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

I plead that the powers in New Jersey's government don't allow this to happen.


  1. Those kinds of cuts have been happening around here and they just don't make any sense.

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  3. I heard a possible explanation on CBS Sunday Morning and I didn't like it at all. There is a theory out there that America is on the way down from the top. Like the fall of Rome and many other great societies in history. I'm not an alarmist but they make a few good points and my interpretation of their theory makes me think the decaying number of our police could be a symptom.

  4. I agree with you. My hometown of Cincinnati really has nothing in common with the boyhood town it was in the 1970's. Many call it a "a fine town", but they only see the sports stadium on TV. Cincy once recruited the Red Berets of New York to ride and patrol city buses. Where there is zero-growth, there is no future for youth. Good Post! Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

  5. Not that I'm terribly politically savvy, but it's been my observation that government don't think...

  6. Here in Cali the unions have so much power. When the budget ax swings its the police and fire departments that gets chopped rather than the thens of thousands of cubicle heads that make life miserable on everyone else and provide terrible customer service.

  7. Good post. It is a difficult situation for all. The downturn in the economy has left local governments cash-strapped--as Stephen said, police and fire services will be at the top of the cuts list.

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  9. My wife is from the Philly area (Lansdale, Norristown?) and recalls when that area was on the cutting edge of rock 'n roll with Dick Clark and all. Probably before your time.

    New Jersey has that new governor who is really cutting the pursestrings. I think you're right--it may be downhill for a while but I hope we don't end up like Rome.

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  11. The problem in most parts of the country is governments are having budget issues...so they're cutting everything. But my question is...are these cities/states cutting things like police and education because it's so high-profile and will possibly get attention? It seems to me that police and education should be the two areas that DON'T get cut...but then I work for the state agency that licenses medical personnel and facilities and if you cut our department too much, the safety of the lives of those who live in our state suffer.