Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award and & facts about me

Steph in the City has awarded me with the Stylish Blogger award!

Thanks Steph! Now I am to award it to 7 other bloggers and give you 7 facts about myself. Also, my laptop is fried due to a virus and I am using my boyfriend's for a few more weeks. So I really haven't been on here much.

1. I am the youngest of 8 children. Yes, I was spoiled alot and I was a total brat when I was young.

2. I love candy, all sugar and sweets and chocolate.

3. I ran a half marathon, once and have swam several races at the beach.

4. I collect tea cups and saucers. I especially love hand painted Asian ones with lithophanes imbedded in the bottom.

5. I couldn't write my name until 1st grade. My mom made little dots for me to connect on all of my Kindergarten papers.

6. I am addicted to massage. It's a wonderful therapy that I highly recommend to everyone. Wether it's aches or pains or depression/anxiety or to help with chiropractic adjustments.

7. I am a very loud talker, see #1.

I am passing this on to........

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  1. Well congrats to you and thank you kindly for thinking of me. I see I'm in good company. I don't do memes on my blog but I will gratefully accept your award and add it to my slideshow on my sidebar. Thank you! And I hope your laptop is up and running again before too long.

  2. Oh why thank you! And hurray for you!

    I LOVE that you collect tea cups. I have a friend who had a Alice and Wonderland theme wedding and every centerpiece was a plethora of tea cups. So now she has a whole collection! Ever since, I have told myself that I want to start collecting them so I can have women over for tea time.

  3. YAY...I'm so glad you did this. And now I have new blogs to check out. I'm off to meet your friends!

  4. Kristina, how sweet of you to include me in this list. I prefer not to participate in memes, myself, although I really enjoyed reading yours. I, too, am a lover of chocolate. I suspect you control your chocolate cravings better than I do mine, though. I loved the teacups in your collection. They're beautiful! And I am totally impressed with the cleverness shown by your mom with her connect-the-dots way of helping you learn to write your name.

  5. I love your 7 facts! Eight children, wow! Thank you so much for awarding me, I feel so honored! I loved reading more about you. What a great idea the stylish blogger award is. :)

  6. I talk loud too. My husband is always telling me to bring it down a notch!

  7. thank you for including me on this very special award!! xoxoxo you rock lady!

  8. Congratulations on the award..well deserved