Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First day of Summer Everyone

The distant hum and buzz of a lawnmower.

Perhaps the lapping of waves against the surf as they crash.

Water splashing as children frolic, be it pool or shore.

The squawk of the crows and the friendly chirp of the finches fading in and out as they travel about the neighboring yards.

The clicking and electrical chirp of the crickets and the other audibly present insect companions of the heat.

Maybe a canine awakens from a temperature induced slumber to stretch and quench his thirst as his entire body suddenly lengthens to double it's size.

A welcome breeze kicks up laundry on the clothes line nearby rustling a gentle sigh as they toss to and fro.

While the wind chimes announce their song of idle time sitting and relishing the seasons beginning.

(Just a little something I found from a while back) Travel Tuesdays will start again next week.

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