Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Back and a few Summer Safety tips

After a long hiatus I am back. Hope everyone has been well. Blogs to come soon. Hoping everyone is having a great Summer!

Summer can be so much fun but what's even more fun is getting to do it again, which doesn't happen when your dead or injured.

If you know me then you know I am all about having fun and I will push the limits. One thing I have learned over the years and as a trauma nurse, that safety always comes first. Let's face it, it's simply no longer fun when someone gets hurts. It's also the number one way to get restrictions and limits to a once fun activity. Why do you think everything has a disclaimer. Someone out there acted foolishly and got injured or killed.

Keep in mind that with Summer and all of it's freedom's come many unsafe situations. So take a moment before all of your activities to stop and think have we covered all the safety steps before ............

We all say "stay safe" but what exactly do you mean?

A helmet is required when operating or riding anything on wheels or when the surface below your footing has increased potential for falling ie. snow and ice. When I say required I mean to protect yourself from traumatic brain injury. Regardless of your laws and how silly you might feel and even more so if you are not experienced then you should be wearing one. Also don't go beyond the recommended capacity of a vehicle so not everyone is securely seated. That includes golf carts, which are frequently used for transport at vacation spots.

Wearing a seatbelt whether you are going down the street to the gas station or a few blocks away to the ice cream store while on vacation.

Your judgement and reaction time is greatly reduced when intoxicated or even buzzed. Drink responsibly and no other substances while operating anything mechanized, lighting fireworks or grills or any water activities.

Lawn mower safety can easily be taken for granted since it's something you've probably done for years but mower accidents happen all the time. Always be cautious of children around outdoor lawn equipment.

Fireworks. What can I say? They are dangerous! Obey your local laws. They are ignited with fire, so always keep water near by for any fires and nondischarged fireworks. Only adults should be lighting them and only one at a time. They should only be lit in a clearing large enough that homes, vehicles and people can be double the distance of which it is known to reach. The area of lighting should be clear by everyone except the lightee and the lightee should be as clear as possible and immediately following lighting.

Water safety tips! Keep pool gates locked when not in use or at the least child safety locked. Wear life jackets during water sports. Never do water sports if you can't swim. Water is fun and one of my favorite activities but it is also inherently dangerous. When a child goes missing check the water first. Always keep supervision when children are swimming. Always obey life guard's rules. Never dive into a pool unless approved for dive/swim training by a coach. The minimum recommended for diving is 9 feet. That is not a widely accepted number and many pools may not be that depth. I will never forget the day a girl dove head first while warming up for a swim meet, nor will I ever forget every single spinal cord patient I have seen after a diving accident.

Children are small and hard to see when they are playing in their own yard/driveway. I have heard of backing into your parking space to prevent hitting a child when pulling out but they are still at risk when you are actively parking. Hence always be aware of children playing when parking or leaving a parking spots or driveway, whether you back in or pull straight in.

Be mindful of open windows, window locks/latches being open or loose to fall down on a child easily, or long hanging strings from blinds that toddlers can get their head caught in.

Hydrate in the heat and be aware of heat warnings.

Use caution when igniting a grill. Maintain your grill and check for leaks of gas or fuel.

Wear spf of at least 15. Nothing's worse than not being able to go out until the sun goes down and an Emergency room visit for a sunburn. Nowadays that's almost a no brainer but not long ago people wore butter and baby oil outside and no spf, literally cooking their skin!

When an insect stings, don't remove the stinger. Often times the stinger gets left behind without releasing the venom. Apply ice.

For Jellyfish stings apply vinegar.

Being safe doesn't mean you can't have fun. It actually means you can have fun again.

Sadly in the time I wrote this and posted it many accidents and fatalities have already occurred. One story in Pa about a 1 year old who drowned in a family pool. Be safe!


  1. Great to see you back! Good advice spoken like a true professional. :)

  2. Welcome back and thanks for the laugh with the golf cart pic.