Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Massachusetts Man Fired After Revealing His Wife Has Cancer - ABC News

Massachusetts Man Fired After Revealing His Wife Has Cancer - ABC News

There is a sad new phenomenon occurring across the US among businesses.

In this state of affairs when people live in fear of losing their job, seeing many friends and coworkers losing their jobs, people are worried and job security is practically none existent in most fields. It's bad enough that citizens are worried about job security when their loved ones are well BUT.........

now when they are not well also!

The following news piece was about a man fired from his job as an accountant for a Real Estate management company after 13 years and a recent raise. His wife was diagnosed with lung cancer and he requested a change in hours, so he could take his wife to appointments and treatments and work evenings and weekends to make up for it. His job claimed they were planning to fire him anyway, then following his dismissal they posted a listing for his job.

Apparently this is happening at an alarmingly increasing rate. Smaller companies of less than 50 employees are not covered under the The Family and Medical Leave Act. So there is nothing an ex employee can do about being fired by them. I have heard of this happening to women on maternity leave also. I personally think it's just proof that every single person is really just a $. Hopefully you are worth more to the company than you cost them! Shame on you Haynes Management of Wellesley Hills, Mass.


  1. Interesting and sad story--I had not seen that article. I hope all of the negative publicity that the company gets is one that will cause other firms to consider working with the employee rather than termination.

    When the Mrs. gave birth to twins, I had discussed with my boss the need for a modified schedule for several months. I had been employed at the agency for 7 years, and they graciously accomodated me.

  2. I work somewhere where FMLA is consistently abused. I heard last week that someone somewhere in the U.S. had gone on FMLA claiming they had "workplace phobia." It almost becomes a joke, it's so commonplace in government now. People get FMLAs for their moms, dads, kids, spouses, themselves... If there are massive layoffs, those are the only jobs that are safe, so why NOT find a way to get an FMLA? Everyone has a sick somebody in their lives. Everyone has some issue about dealing with workplace crap.

    But I get so caught up in that, I forget about the people FMLA does protect. It's such a shame that the people who really want it and wouldn't abuse it are treated this way. It makes me grateful I work where I do, so that someday when I'm older and less healthy, I'll have that protection.

  3. I've seen it get abused plenty as well. It's sad but there will always be people who want to take the easy way out.